Friday, July 13, 2012

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Sole organization of republican government, in consultation with the people for military uniform approach. The total of the people Ando the Haiyu another security, still co Han Mongolian back possession of five family completely territory for a Republic of China and the emperor, I able to retire at the wide leisure, leisurely years excellent ceremony, by the citizens of the long, rolled together into my own eyes Zhi rule,Texans Rangers Jerseys, would not Yi Secular! Chin this. In this edict cooked up by Yuan Shikai, specially with the words China's history, opened a new one chapter.
However, in this historical trend, but also some small undercurrent surging. These undercurrents may not be the impact of historical trend, but their impact is very far-reaching.
bound to ensure Aixinjueluo Department of BES rich ............
Read the telegram to the Empress Queen Mother lying there in tears her pampered eunuch Tak Zhang that he has been fishing full of people have money and face, when the poor going to live not in the palace today know The last one post to this master station. rare turn stem from their original errand.
He read some sad, wiping a tear for the Road: only I fear no blessing and then wait on your elderly. Empress sat up, tears Pu Susu is unstoppable: a good outcome. I felt apologies to you wow ...
Right emotion in small German Zhang barely,wholesale mlb jerseys, and burst into tears up the two people are crying lively heard the Empress Palace footsteps outside Jiji sounded outside, seems to have several eunuchs to be stopped and did not stop. saw Pu Wei Ling top brilliant plunge came.
See small Tak Zhang Hao there grinning, slapped his face: , cover the face, he fell down.
Empress angrily: Pu Wei shouted, pointing to the small German Zhang: son. who would say that was referred to such an extent did this son of a bitch of a credit, dug out my Pu-fourth of the eyeball! This under the Empress refused to identity, got up and took hold of Pu Wei's hand on the small German Zhang shouted: quickly run out the door and burst into scolded: Pu Wei was

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