Thursday, July 19, 2012

jerseys cold eyes glanced past the crowd

, These so-called Depths of winter, heavy snow, the inflammation capital are covered with a layer of snow. Great inflammation capital, can accommodate a population of millions, and control over the sites of third districts 'Town,jerseys, the king' of the East domain QIN is In the this inflammation capital.
Town Wang mansion area of ​​a very wide main entrance of the day are substantially open at night, the official residence of the main entrance wide enough six or seven people in parallel into.
Two and on both sides of the gate stood about two meters tall and naked upper body of the brave Han general these two men to like rock carving, cold eyes glanced past the crowd, that is on top of the generosity of the tiger back to hang a giant blood-red swords that blood-red swords looked a foot of one meter and five long.
The depths of winter, the snow all over the floor, low temperature, the river has been frozen, can these two guys naked upper body.
However, this is not the most horrifying, even more frightening is the next to these two guys even have a ferocious tiger.
Tiger body crimson flame, more than two meters in length, that is like Tiebian like tail suddenly swept away all the air burst of vibration, the Humu among send a Senleng Hanmang, this tiger is the so-called ' Lie tiger '.
Suddenly, into the official residence of the Town, the king out of the other two men to these two men to the same naked upper body, respectively traction with a ferocious fierce tiger, they are to shift.
Sites outside the inflammation capital of the Gentry nobility, also or civilians homeless conscious of the sites around the Town, the king walked away.
Town, king of the sites within a quiet small courtyard.
A middle-aged man of Tsing Yi is sitting on top of the stone bench, his legs sitting in a lovely little boy standing in front of the middle-aged body precisely twelve, twelve or old, or the United States women, or youth,air jordan cool grey 11, but one thing is the same, these twelve people are a purple.
QIN care to ask mo Qin Yu's head and then looked up to 12 people lightly and said: Each other depending on the twelve, and then a white to be fluttering, the old man stepped forward respectfully said: by Royal Road, etc., but it is not the slightest interest in our judgment, the three Royal Highness can not be a perfect upper. Contact with for some time and boy, alone, under such an assertion, it seems somewhat arbitrary, however QIN is no doubt.
QIN heaved a long breath, looked at the ignorant do not know the Qin Yu, smile: QIN it comes to a halt, then waved, said: Purple 12 people at the same bend, and then followed by a small secluded courtyard.
Courtyard at the moment, only QIN and son Qin Yu

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