Thursday, July 26, 2012

oakley gascan sunglasses it is a matter of people are depressed.

It is also one of the best hacking techniques, the monster has a very fanatic,oakley gascan sunglasses, once said that he is hacking techniques exist just such a monster super-genius hacker capacity, to find out bug task practical value , only a simple theft of a heroic role model appearance, but did not get the appropriate strength. like just stole a housing, the thought here the, Kuang wind and Shenlang could not help but bursts of laugh at the hapless monster to find out a BUG can only say, is to help the game to make up for the technology is not complete nothing. if the monster really find major bugs, such as the role of the hero really has the appropriate strength, or find a copy of the class BUG plant in GM's hands is not too unjust, just so that you have been arrested, it is a matter of people are depressed.
Official website does not have the relevant information of the monster But Kwong wind took the opportunity a detailed look at the game from some of the information to the official online information on the game content is not more, in addition to the racial descriptions and career summary, you can learn message very few, but BBS, players news release, there are some valuable things.
Look from the forum postings, Kuang wind to see some, such as:

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