Tuesday, July 17, 2012

north face tents then we go together. Surnamed Han Han dynasty

Rotten skins and carrying a hunting longbow, holding a Tiecha.
Behind three of the biggest in his early twenties, carrying zhanggong, the back three or four only the long feathers in the wind fluttering trembling golden pheasant, the smallest is the little guy, flushed Hutouhunao round cheek, although dirty looking , but strong like a stone pier child.
He was 12-year-old, wearing broken sheepskin, the back of a bow, and hands with a rope holding a wounded muntjac deer, small short-legged stumbling in the snow thick over the knee, some doing walked back with his stick, and still refused to walk muntjac deer ass knocked one in mind.
The early 20s, and looks quite handsome young people kindly read jersey two one, say hello to another is smaller than his lips with only some faint fuzz boy to clean up the wolf dead, unplug from the wolf dead arrow under bloodstains vector, rub the skins on, plug it back in the quiver,air jordan melo m7, not dead horse wolf fiercely struck a note, and then pulled out a rope to tie together the four wolf's errands.
Men, and went to the front of the jersey two looked up and down two, and saw two men rub the look of the mud, temperament like a scholar, woman clothes messy, but of fine cloth, facial features are not Xiangshan he asked suspiciously: jersey to see him bearded, although rough, do not do it, straight nose and mouth side down look of righteousness, a little relieved, but Barren, he was to remain a point of acting dared this strong Xiangshan like Tahan said the truth.
He submissively said: The two skins was not short of stature made squat, very cute.
jersey and the horse Lianer face Teng look red, that middle-aged brawny wrist and said: Stick your little guy, is not satisfied and said: Han dynasty sputtered a small guy ass kick on his foot, Xiao Ma said: , said: Horse Lianer great embarrassment, fear of being misunderstood even more unbearable brother and sister had to blush in vain: jersey hesitated, this time to distinguish inevitably added insult to injury, had to remain silent. Han suddenly said: ,north face tents, then we go together. Surnamed Han Han dynasty, called Han Lin, the eldest son, called Han Wei, the second son named Han Wu, the youngest of the name vulgar little

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