Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Orlando Magic Jerseys the old man too sinister

, So long as you are with will be very safe. However, anyone who can just imagine the man as a hero, then I guarantee that will not let him set foot on the ground again. No wonder I always think the old man, that he is the commander of the hijackers. However, since we know the ins and outs of the enemy, plainclothes police officers have been killed, then had to think of ways to get rid of this dangerous situation.
I did not look back, the old man too sinister, I do not want to get his attention. But the old man did not mean to the front, so to give me a lot of trouble. The first is because they do not know the old man's gun, no-one dares; Secondly, because in the interval of a row of seats, I must step in order to attack him, so long as he moves fast or not.
Kobayashi sleep Sato Kazuo two, also the exchange of glances, are secretly glad that did not make bold hands. Then the police gun has been the woman took up the door of the young people to re-gun at the passengers. That look of bearded middle-aged man held hostage by an air hostess, is supposed to enter the cab, while the front has not happened, he must have been successful.
Passengers re quiet down, only the roar of the engine in the cabin. My heart a sudden move, think of a way, so I pretended to be very tired like leaning against the seat. The old man just playing the shot of the police I have noticed that the bullets and flying from the front, which indicates a problem, the old man's gun power, I think he is afraid of bullets, armor-piercing performance, good shot through the cabin, and this one I can use the seat back to help me. My intention is to the whole body crouched in the back of a chair in front of the old man can not see I can not aim at. Even if we manage to shoot, backrest block the power of the bullets will be greatly reduced, let alone not be able to hit me.
Just behind the old man is very cunning, action slightly larger than a certain point his attention,Orlando Magic Jerseys, so I had little by little rub down. This time had practiced stealth will play an important role, my action is very slow,Boston Celtics Jerseys, slow to the people can not see I'm moving, but I did move.
Time goes forward, although open air-conditioned, but almost every one of the passengers were all sweaty, and even the young man waited at the door. The young hijackers apparently experience is not very rich, his gun is not a moment to lay down, I have some doubts that he has maintained this position for your fingers will not escape. Had to practice sniper rifle when instructors stressed, and less need to design can not put a finger on the trigger, otherwise the long strained to maintain a posture finger stiff shot is likely to cause the delay of a few seconds. A few seconds delay that sometimes the enemy to escape, and sometimes they make their own killed.
The woman touches his face relaxed sipping drinks, random gun hanging on his chest, using only one hand. A pair of eyes kept scanning the passengers in the cabin, a surge of cold murderous eyes showing.
This woman must be resolved, my heart secretly contemplating the order of hands. I head only half exposed outside in the back, basically to attack position, the next step is how to divert the attention of the woman and old man. I

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