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oakley sunglasses cheap he accidentally discovered the whereabouts of the blood fox at the same tim

Fleeing skills.
Especially in that hunt, he accidentally discovered the whereabouts of the blood fox at the same time, know that the magic can be used to actually well hidden trail, let the hunt how can not find.
Into Da Weier both empty there are busy a lot of magic, of course, to make his escape skills to grasp the unimaginable.
Wait until the return to Vader Gdansk, in order to prepare to flee, he does not need to hurry preparing just have to let his three companions, and Her Royal Highness Princess Society of the application of the more esoteric magic.
Into Da Weier, Bell, Tina has been with their own and therefore already accustomed to his teaching methods.
And best mlb originally a few of those base strength of the most abundant, so the master was not difficult; As for the princess, being a big Slayers Naga pro-disciple, of course, good strength, not to mention the Her Royal Highness Princess naturally studious, even to learn the things not worse than mlb.
Except Jerry, this guy, good for nothing.
Strength itself is four worst Mofaxuetu trials born one, Princess Cristina teachers did not learn many things.
Fortunately, oakley has long been thought, who used to flee the magic, all low-level magic by the winds and water, so that, Jerry learning together there will be no less difficult.
oakley insisted that the reason why a few of them have learned the need to use magic fleeing, although the excuse in case of his absence, we can safely fled to Suofei En Kingdom.
In fact, oakley already made up the idea of ​​split time.
But he is worried about the relationship between, and Her Royal Highness Princess will continue to muddy the waters. In fact, after the return to the Suofei En Kingdom, these pressures will more and more.
Hard to imagine that Her Royal Highness Princess of the MasterCard countries will easily let go of exile may be the best choice in order to avoid trouble, perhaps Find a sparsely populated deep forests recluse, for now is the most suitable for it.
But think about it, their own young, seclusion deep in the mountains, really weird since we made up this idea, oakley for any accidents that may occur, the idea can also be accepted that a good reason to be considered fair and square to leave Her Royal Highness Princess .
Only out of fear of the painful life of the period spent in the the Haig Elohim home inside, so the oakley always hope that this accident is best not to appear.
, Anyway, he wanted to escape, total disregard for any commitment of any person, he can, he is still unwilling to re-dress into Feinaxiya Miss Bryant Leo this visit, in all likelihood this The worst may become a reality.
Bryant Leo is for this thing,fake oakleys, then, for the fugitive plan is carried out smoothly,oakley sunglasses cheap, I think there is no need to complicate the issue, anyway, I already teach you guys how to use those magic, still according to the original plan flee Vader Trask. oakley said quietly. What about you? princess asked with concern.
You do not need to worry about, I will

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