Saturday, August 11, 2012

lebron shoe ... immediately

Rush to experience the morning, an air combat aircraft back in the trenches over again just the number is far fewer than the morning, a golden eagle I modified artillery and fire machine in a few fighter planes under the cover, circled over the Turks in front the squatted trenches soldiers per person supplement some of ammunition.
At 12:00 on the September 7th Expeditionary Force artillery units in the forward movement, set up new firing positions, once again the large-scale fire,lebron shoe, just and in the morning, the fewer the number of shells fired not offensive. hiding in the trenches where the soldiers heard the sound of air coming from the shells across the sky - of course not one of us fired these shells target is their chaos! trenches, the shells falling away from their close,chicago bulls jerseys, the rumbling sound of explosions shook the ears buzzing ringing.
called his three platoon Tian Ning Shaoyu Tianshao Yu single-handedly pulled the sports jersey arm in one hand and pointing to the outside shouted: canceled! ... immediately! know? company commander commands! ...... damn bunch of bastards how the total killed could not finish!?
sports jersey Kanliao Yan flushed down to the shells, the force toward the platoon leader A nod to the top of the helmet to wear it is took Liang Dezhong, dug out trenches towards the rear crawled. the Tian Shaoyu see two of the starting position toward the morning creeping forward, yelled at them: Hear the platoon leader yelling, sports jersey, and Liang Dezhong quickly got up, stumbled to run forward. Sounded behind them in different parts of the irregular and violent sound of shooting, air muffled bang, sports jersey, quickly pulled Liang Dezhong jumped into a nearby crater, head buried in her arms. H slamming, a shell exploded close to the distance they an uneven skin shells flew into the crater where they hit the sports jersey feet, so he was surprised to climb up and take advantage of the enemy blockade and continued on our way. shells fall around them, surrounded by smoke, can not distinguish between East and West.
sports jersey scared a Jiling quickly raised his head, through the smoke, sports jersey to see where their battalion commander is toward the front of a hurry to rush over hand on the waist with the messenger in the battalion around warily looking at the , evidently if to prove themselves and Liang Dezhong deserters, as long as the battalion commander instructed a messenger immediately took out his pistol and shoot on the spot in front of the two jersey rushed straight waist, sullenly line military salute and said:

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