Monday, August 20, 2012

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Some Military Governors to offend you? Now the sovereign state is no longer strong, Sheng Wu emperor also take people no way. Executed a check Kun, just go one form, there is no need for more care about what
Check Kun is sentenced to poison, so it does not have the opportunity to watch and wait until here to check Kun's death, there to Hong pull Yan funeral. Jerseys, those who were killed as time permits, usually wait until the killer was executed after the funeral for the deceased had passed away, consolation,cheap oakley sunglasses, but Sheng Wu emperor to do so is the reasons for his side to check Queensland are recognized to have died, there was a cloth wrapped his body out. In general, the bodies of the prisoners are to be sent to a specialized place to be buried, although they are on death row, but on death row after the burial of power but out the door and wait until the bodies wrapped in white cloth, the situation immediately changed out. was supposed to be a white cloth wrapped, has now become two. a discerning eye to see to understand, which must one is a fake, is the place to go to speech eyes and ears of these two white cloth wrapped to go out, a ran burial on death row while the other one was to a very remote place went over ...
Spirit of the Road. This jerseys Royal designed to take the place of the dead. Who died in the palace people, even the dead emperor, only from out of the palace. Since it is a dead man walking the road of living is generally less than here come in a few hours before occasionally someone wants a spiritual, the only people here clean this road it is very desolate and remote. jerseys, responsible spirit, even palace specialized functional jerseys out of the Spirit is not a taboo thing, but a very glorious thing, so qualified to do such things, are often clergy in the palace to do such things, not only pay to get than others, much higher, but also leisure is, after all the things the dead in the palace, not every few days will be some.
In the spirit trail, a very luxurious coffin, slowly walked to look at that situation, or is everyone laments the many benefits of the dead man, or is waiting for the arrival of what people to say at this time the spirit of the people, it seems that in addition to the rainbow pull Yan outside, would not have other people when the people holding a white cloth wrapped to catch up, walking forward carrying the coffin more slow. seems to be in the body of these people wrong moment, a white cloth wrapped was gone after the disappearance of white cloth wrapped, holding wrapped two people, it went to a small door disappeared. askew coffin moment change in the wrong body weight, the bottom of the coffin from the ground near to see such a situation, we all know what happened, it all seems in by magic, but also stand the feel not read However, the coffin becomes heavy, but the coffin suddenly have the strength, I saw that they walked in front of a piece of bread went over

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