Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Twins Jerseys that the mayor how did not send a car to send you

Zhang Baogui said: Zhang Baogui pointed to her pants: Zhang Yu never thought mud to blame, do not want parents to worry about, explains: Zhang Baogui morning fog, and put down half of the heart, the voice came up: Zhang Yu know this is the key, or that the father have to be with her forever, but others say in a hotel designed night chipset, estimated Zhang Baogui certainly do not believe, said: Zhang Sheng-yu, long talk, I was not good to leave. Zhang Baogui've seen a twenty thousand time to think about it short of four zeros, and sure enough some shake: that the mayor how did not send a car to send you? People Zhang Mayor, to go to work, which the nerve to let people send. Zhang Baogui think about is, he still rest assured that the character of his daughter, as long as the Ding Feiyu not,oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday, does not bother Zhang Yu will to do anything about, you waved his hand: Zhang Yu spit tongue slipped out, leaving the Zhang Baogui a people continue to watch TV.
Zhang wife just did not come in, ears to listen to on the branch in the corridor, she heard the two words, see Zhang Yu out and asked her: , to see your dad and I am anxious. Zhang Yu very afraid of her mother, sticking tongue out and said: I ate in the hotel, going to bed, starve me. the bed and fell asleep. That red sports car in a dream again rushed to her, she did a little afraid, Ding Feiyu holding out of the way. She hid Dingfei Yu solid arms, sweet smile.
Chang wife busy in the kitchen while cooking to think: Ding Feiyu into the hospital and saw the family together. Ding Zhang habits stay up late evening, then up and prepare breakfast. Gao Lan to see Dingfei Yu, hastened to meet her at the very start and asked: Ding Feiyu blinking eyes: the hotel is ah. Gao Lan listening to sigh a breath, anyway, things have been out, but also not get his way, had said: chea

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