Monday, June 25, 2012

oakley sunglasses he sheered off.

Side-tracked by the clothes, no matter what method you use to get rid of the final results are eagerly looking at their own tumbling fall from the roof, heavy lying on the ground. Participated in the three years of fighting game, took three championships, following the soldiers sent to him a nickname: Kuang Shi.
This is also the jersey the first time in the final to meet with his jersey total on behalf of the Armed Police Force participated in four games before the third term did not enter a tiebreaker in the second round out of the game, the third hit into momentary carelessness, the result was out, but scored the deciding game, the fame, but out of the jersey every time out not to be defeated, but fouls accumulate exceeded the lead. jersey remember the other day just The first round opponent by drawing lots to see the moment of his face went white.
The bottom of his comrades told jersey: to spread the word, the ring would rather pick the Kuang Shi do not mess with the Wolf.
Wolf is the jersey.oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday
Since the first race, the jersey was the opponent in five minutes, knocked down six times, still lying up with a right straight blow blow each other into the hospital, people gave him the title he despised all the rules of the game standing in the ring, his only idea is the other side hit! playing stand up! jersey also know that they are his comrades, not his enemy, but every time I see their defensive vulnerabilities open look straight out of the jersey of the fist on the uncontrolled, unfortunately, every hit.
Jersey, the upper and lower body such as water washed Kuang Shi breathless sitting in the ring corner and watched as sweat soaked oily sheen that staring at the eyes of jersey enough to kill, but allows the jersey to capture the hidden information that is a fear, unable to hide the fear.
The jersey's mouth hint of sneer.
The first few rounds jersey was he falls three times, but every time he pulled the two sides do not score. Jersey total punching five, three, two fouls. An elbow his face almost to the palate smashing crack, the whole face of apparent competition gained doubled before the captain had sent for Kuang Shi previous game video jersey to beware of his wrestling skills, jersey dismissive of previous training, when, each time to see Sanda king of the game, he sheered off.
Also known as Fighting? Motionless hug together wrestling, fighting with the farmer What is the difference? Understand, know that they are in the game, do not understand the thought that both men are back back the tendency, nothing to hold together. Real fighting. boxing and leg, a perfect interpretation, the best show of strength and action,harmony and unity of the bloody and bestial, is the ultimate contest of man and man. jersey has always believed that standing in the ring, your only purpose is to cross over each other's body no matter what, as long as no overcast, hit him, that is the end result! soldiers fighting, in order to improve combat capability, so much outside the box constraints, might as well play basketball!
Kuang Shi of boxing combination with good, but the routine is too rigid, large-scale cooperation action and attack more than defense insufficient

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