Friday, October 19, 2012

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Sources under the command of the troops you have in your disk inside illustrates, rest assured, your arm will never be less than ten thousand troops prepare even more. the continued: administrative Star has a local fleet. Major General who nodded his head, which everyone knows ah, but the events of the last places Fleet counterfeit and pirate, has dealt a heavy blow to the local fleet,cheap nike nfl jerseys, even the commander-in-chief of the local fleet early retirement pension gone now Kanmu Qi bring local fleet doing? Does he want to use the local fleet? were all lower warships,cheap north face jackets.
Kan Muqi nodded his head, turned to Wei non and asked: the local Fleet will win, because the local fleet more or less have experienced war to fight pirates, war experience is that new recruits should not be compared. Kan Muqi satisfied smile: has no might completely destroy the pirates. I want to see Major General are flushed to say something, the Kan Muqi busy waving to stop them and said: you, the place of the entire federal fleet of about 6 million lower warships to remove various administrative Star defensive necessary troops and the South lost control of the local fleet, 2 million has been mobilized local fleet movement to the the four Jupiter system and Zola galaxy detail of troops to distribution you to see the hands of the disk. All Major General heard that 6 million this figure are stunned, not only they, of all people and the regular army despised local fleet, the last event is to let the world forget the presence of the local fleet. Never thought I could local fleet number actually is so huge! although they are lower warships, or cannon fodder warships, but no matter how their performance cannon fodder, to admit that these ships are combat warships! Did not you hear the ants more than killed like idioms?
The Zhang dragon soul eyelids jump stop, he regrets that he did not pay attention to the local fleet, listening to the tone of the Kan Muqi,

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