Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Edge, it is no confidence, if not of those theories of the moon and stars, he would not now the courage to restore Xiaoying.
TANG Jin sighed again, but this time behind another footsteps came,oakley black friday deals oakley black friday deals sale snapback hats black friday, TANG Jin thought it was the girls to also own horn, You ... in ah. Cold days, you wear less ... This moment he finally saw this beloved child, I saw her wearing a thick yellow down coat, wrapped the body, beautiful face red, every time the weather turns cold, this little girl face becomes like apples, TANG Jin felt the face of this girl, suddenly became very uncomfortable, strong face into a smile, Liang Xiaoying said: Moon and stars: TANG Jin-a 50 point, my heart that music seems a few days off Xiaoyin think I am, actually back up so much to know this, TANG Jin suddenly confidence increased to infinity!
Gust of cool wind blowing, Liang Xiaoying Abduction Abduction long hair, light, said: TANG Jin-after listening to close your eyes and heart with anger to burn up in general not to mention the meaning of her words, the most he can not stand Liang Xiaoying tone, such a cold tone, such as fully as the general friends, in this tone, too hurt! He was so angry fists tightly grip from the hearts asked: Moon and stars: generous, like a man love index from 100 points short of 50 points only, patience is very painful, but as long as you stand later,the victory you must be confident, Liang Xiaoying since like you, then she will sooner or later a change of heart. TANG Jin-listened to the moon and stars to persuade the state of mind to peace, he took a breath, smiled and said: TANG Jin was about to continue that Moon and stars:

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